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A fashionable take on Wimbledon, by Stylight


In honour of
Wimbledon, fashion site Stylight has imagined the stars’ tennis outfits as if
fashion designers made them, with some really cool designers illustrations in “A fashionable take on Wimbledon“.



I learned that Wimbledon, the
oldest and most important tennis tournament, comes with a set of very strict
rules : a strictly white dress code for the players, green-purple club
colors, and strawberries & cream for the spectators. The “almost entirely
white” rule, established in 1963, does not extend to off-white or cream. There
can only be “a single trim of colour no wider than one centimeter,” and underwear
that isn’t entirely white is not allowed…



I love how the ever so creative team atStylight compiled high fashion tennis outfits that allow players to slay both
their serving and style games without being kicked off the court. How ballin’
is the ball boy in Valentino, Swarovski, and Balenciaga?