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A wellbeing retreat infused with culinary delights at Hotel Ciasa Salares, in the Dolomites

About Italy, we all know or have in mind the clichés of Venice, Rome or Milan. When I recently got the chance to explore a region totally unknown to me, I seized the opportunity. The Alta Badia valley the heart of the Dolomites is home to a gem characterized by its authenticity, a must see (and must do) for epicurean luxury travel aficionados : Hotel Ciasa Salares. Let me take you on a tour, and plan your Alpine summer !

Room with a view @ Hotel Ciasa Salares

Hotel Ciasa Salares: a family affair

Surrounded by stunning peaks, lush pastures and the vast majestic woodland of Fanes Park, declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, Hotel Ciasa Salares is a family-managed 50 room boutique hotel. Before you realize, you will be considered as a new member of the warm and welcoming Wieser family.

The home of Hotel Ciasa Salares

The home of Hotel Ciasa Salares

The home of Hotel Ciasa Salares

The food at Hotel Ciasa Salares

From the hotel’s lunch on the day I arrived, to the dreamy high-altitude picnic, and the Michelin starred dinner (conducted by no less than the youngest Michelin starred chef in Italy, so you can imagine the edgy young touch), which was the highlight of this trip, the food and wine experience truly is what makes Hotel Ciasa Salares so special in my opinion.


The Michelin starred restaurant La Siriola boast its own “true food miles” philosophy, and offers one-of-a-kind options such as deer carpaccio served with cauliflower and green apple terrine, quail egg, crispy pücia bread; or the “suckling pig”coming as a crispy belly, wasabi mashed potatoes, lobster and porcini mushrooms. Can you imagine the fireworks of taste ? In the middle of the tasting menu comes the “Cold spaghetti km 4.925″… You have to go to discover what secret lies behind this dish 😉

Not your average pasta… Michelin star Chef Matteo Metullio’s Spaghetto freddo a Km 4.925

Michelin starred La Siriola restaurant

As precised above, guests staying at Hotel Ciasa Salares have a variety of different alternatives to food besides the Michelin starred restaurant La Siriola. Another highlight was indulging in a tailored epicurean Al Fresco experience with the Dolomites as the picnic backdrop, to discover local dishes and secret authentic recipes at the Maso Vanc – a typical farmer’s house.

Pic nic by Hotel Ciasa Salares in the Dolomites

Last but not least… The impressive Ciasa Salares’ cellar, with over 16,000 bottles of wines to discover the special qualities of the cellar’s biodynamic wines, are another unavoidable experience that I will not forget anytime soon !

Hotel Ciasa Salares: thought for your well-being

Beside the extraordinary food adventure, Hotel Ciasa Salares is also a destination to be considered for well-being purposes. Between walks, massages and dips in the indoor pool, no aspect is left aside.

There are many hiking options from the hotel, allowing guests to explore the unspoiled nature of the region and the Mills Valley to meet local artisans and artists.

Hotel Ciasa Salares boasts the onsite Beauty Spa Vives, where treatments include a soothing 30 minute straw blossom and juniper steam bath infused with restoring aqua from La Varella mountain, followed by a relaxing 25 minute head, neck and thigh massage – the one I tried, and definitely a most perfect way to end a day of outdoor activities !

By the pool at Hotel Ciasa Salares

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