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Billecart-Salmon champagne: a new identity

In the last few years, champagne house Billecart-Salmon has been growing its reputation with an accrued presence in more than 70 countries – mainly in the largest luxury hotels in cities such as Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Berlin … But also countries such as Burma, Nepal, and Tibet. Recruited in 1993 as a trainee by CEO François Roland-Billecart, the now managing director Alexandre Bader has given a facelift to this  long unknown old champagne house that now sells more than 2 million bottles a year.

photo by Leif Carlsson

2017: a new identity

Back in 2003, Billecart-Salmon unveiled a new identity, thanks to a new logo and modern packaging. Today, with its bicentennial coming close, the champagne house introduces new evolutions in its ranges: the “Collection” range is set to be more refined, with different colors for each vintage. The “Millésime” range welcomes a new character, with the switch from “blanc de blanc millésimé” to “Louis 2006 vintage”; as a reference to Louis Salmon, the brother of the founder Elisabeth Salmon.

2017 and the following years are set to be full of great news for Billecart-Salmon !