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Chanel: Couture O’clock

The graphic aesthetic of Mademoiselle’s atelier and the tools used by her seamstresses and their exceptional savoir-faire are the inspiration for a new CHANEL Haute Horlogerie and Horlogerie capsule collection: COUTURE O’CLOCK. Thimbles, scissors and pins, the tools of the daily work in the rue Cambon ateliers, are transformed into exceptional pieces, blending watchmaking, jewelry and the finest craftsmanship. The iconic watches of the House of CHANEL are enriched with new interpretations combining creative boldness, technical sophistication, excellence of materials and refinement of details.

With Mademoiselle’s workshop, the CHANEL Watchmaking Creation Studio immerses us in the graphic black-and-white world of the rue Cambon ateliers: sewing needles, thimbles, scissors, pins and spools of thread meet those new creations.

The Musical Clock Couture Workshop

The Musical Clock Couture Workshop is a unique piece: the CHANEL Watchmaking Creation Studio, inspired by the lively atmosphere in the rue Cambon atelier, orchestrates a choreography of couture busts to the rhythms of “My Woman” by Al Bowlly, a melody that Mademoiselle liked to hum. The chandelier with diamond droplets, the plinth inspired by the upholstered sofa and the gold embellishments all evoke Gabrielle Chanel’s apartment. Mounted on a long gold chain necklace dotted with diamonds is the key for winding the mechanism of this unique piece, in which the time is displayed on tape measure. At once a musical box, a clock and an automaton, this exceptional piece was crafted by the expertise of a large team of highly skilled artisans. From the diamond-encrusted droplets of the miniature chandelier to the meticulously crafted and tuned musical mechanism, this unique creation is a tour de force of technical and aesthetic sophistication.


The dial features the silhouette of Mademoiselle in a black and white suit. The bezel is set with baguette-cut diamonds. In the back, a disk is in constant movement animates golden motifs of safety pins and couture dummies.


The CHANEL Watchmaking Creation Studio transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with the MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ PINCUSHION collection. Inspired by the pincushion, the working tool of dressmakers, each creation features a remarkable case beneath a convex crystal. The Haute Couture symbols of the House of CHANEL embellish the dials of these exceptional watches, crafted in gold, diamonds, mother of pearl and onyx, taking creative inspiration from the savoir-faire of skilled artists. A new motif, inspired by pins in a pincushion, adorns a cuff, a long necklace and a ring.


The PREMIÈRE watch is reinterpreted and adorned with charms of a spool of thread, a thimble and a figurine of Mademoiselle in steel coated with yellow gold* and black lacquer. The charms are attached to a woven leather bracelet that echoes the chain of the classic CHANEL bag.


A tape measure motif is printed on the double-wrapped black and gold leather strap. The case in titanium and 18K yellow gold is adorned with a charm of a figurine of Mademoiselle in yellow gold and black lacquer set with a diamond.


Set with 8 diamonds as buttons and accentuated with a silver braid, the pattern for the iconic CHANEL tweed jacket is featured on the dial of this BOY·FRIEND watch. The bezel is embellished with an 18K gold chain evoking the chain sewn into the hem of the jackets made in the CHANEL ateliers.