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F.P.Journe Le Restaurant: Where Fine Dining Meets Timeless Elegance

In the heart of Geneva, at 49 Rue du Rhône, a new chapter in the history of a cherished local gem is being written with the opening of “F.P.Journe Le Restaurant.” This culinary haven is the result of a fortuitous encounter between two epicureans, Chef Dominique Gauthier and François-Paul Journe. Their collaboration, built on mutual trust and a shared vision, breathes fresh life into a venue that has hosted luminaries from both the local and international scenes.

This renowned establishment’s journey began in 1912 with the illustrious “La Bavaria” brasserie, a favored haunt of the who’s who in the Society of Nations. Ministers, heads of state, and journalists from around the world gathered around its tables. The décor, unchanged since 1942, is a living testament to history. In 2012, it was classified as a heritage site, from the woodwork to the furnishings, becoming a cherished treasure for all Genevans.

The cornerstone of this union resonates with the remarkable individual journeys of these two strong-willed men, forged by their dedication to their crafts and a deep love for their professions. “F.P.Journe Le Restaurant” is designed to be a place of conviviality, where every guest is welcomed as a host, immersed in an ambiance that strikes a perfect balance between elegance and informality.

In terms of décor, François-Paul Journe has left his horological imprint on the establishment. The walls are adorned with posters depicting technical drawings of watch movements, tables bear the names of famous watchmakers such as Jost Bürgi and Christiaan Huygens, and the menus reference the brand’s watch models. Even the cutlery draws inspiration from this world. At the heart of the restaurant, an astronomical clock from the early 17th century, signed “Giovanni Brugell Venetia,” adds the finishing touches to the atmosphere.

In the kitchen, Dominique Gauthier, a chef of exceptional talent, takes the lead. He embarked on his culinary journey at the age of 14 and rose through the ranks of renowned French establishments. He achieved culinary greatness in Switzerland without pretension, earning the praise and loyalty of his clientele. After three decades at the helm of the “Chat Botté,” the restaurant at the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva, he made the audacious choice to reinvent himself. His cuisine is Mediterranean, with flashes of spices and citrus, reminiscent of his travels in Thailand. Rich and generous, his dishes bring new dimensions to the classic tenets of culinary art. Over the years, he has cultivated special relationships with the best local producers, highlighting exceptional regional ingredients, such as Pierre Gallay’s vegetables, Nant d’Avril’s poultry, Pascal and Philippe Desbiolles’ beef in Meinier, and Niels Rodin’s citrus. The menu features the chef’s signature dishes – scampis en kadaïf, hare ravioli with truffles – a tasting menu, and an exceptional wine selection to create a unique gastronomic experience

“F.P.Journe Le Restaurant” is more than just a dining establishment; it’s a testament to the fusion of culinary art and horological heritage. It offers a unique and memorable experience, where exquisite cuisine and timeless elegance come together, paying homage to the rich history of Geneva and the world of fine dining.