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Grand Duc: a new restaurant in Le Marais, Paris

A true architectural gem, Grand Duc – named after a nocturnal bird of prey – spans over 3 floors, each with a different atmosphere. Decorated by Hugo Toro and Maxime Liautard, the space, with its Eiffel-style structures, surprises both with its cuisine and its fiery atmosphere.

After walking through a cocktail bar, a first dining room with a cozy 1920s atmosphere (decorated with a piano and the emblem of the house which sits enthroned in the middle of space) is ideal to taste the cuisine of Chef Hervé Nepple. Simple and creative, it takes shape through a surprising menu offering a gravlax of cod with vodka and beetroot, salmon, or a confit of veal breast with lemon and marjoram for example. The cocktail menu is signed by talented mixologist Matthias Giroud. The most surprising part of Grand Duc is upstairs, where the wine bar, set in a boudoir spirit, is located.

Grand Duc offers a lively, intimate and festive address with a 360-degree experience in a neat setting, that lives to the rhythm of Parisian life.

Grand Duc

32 rue de Picardie, 75003 Paris