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Human + Kind, a new “do it all” range at Sephora

Shot with my Leica
As a beauty conscious man, I like to try and keep up to date with new products, regularly sharing my opinions and recommendations. And, as a beauty conscious man, I know there are often too many products out there, that get us easily lost. Who doesn’t have a few products in their bathroom that they  stopped using, tired of six step – or more – beauty routines ?
If you are in this situation, Human + Kind was created for you. Available at Sephora, the young brand’s motto is to simplify skincare routine down to handful range of multi-tasking products, highly gentle and effective, without petrochemicals.
Shot with my Leica
I appreciate this different approach to beauty that starts with the vibrant packaging. In terms of ingredients, you will be surprised by the impressive list of plants present in the products:  Achmella Oleracea, often compared to botox – minus the need to inject it; Vitis Vinifera, that has natural antioxidant properties; Wheat Germ Oil, rich in essential fatty acids that promote cell generation and growth… And many more !