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King C. Gillette: Beard Care Reimagined with Elegance and Modernity

King C. Gillette, the best-kept secret of Gillette, has taken the market by storm in just three short years, becoming an essential brand in the world of beard grooming. It has been accompanying French bearded individuals in their daily routines, enabling everyone to perfect their style with grace and simplicity.Built on Gillette’s 120-Year Legacy

Launched in 2020 and inspired by the founder of Gillette, King C. Gillette inherits over 120 years of expertise in Research and Development. Gillette’s team has meticulously studied the complex interaction between the delicate facial skin and beard hairs, which are as tough as copper wires of the same diameter. This knowledge is vital to provide the best care for both.

The key to their success lies in high-quality products, a boutique brand feel, offering a range of shaving tools, trimmers, and an array of grooming products that enable men to master their style. These stylish and affordable products are available at leading retail stores.

The Modern Beard: A Symbol of Identity

In the 21st century, men have a more relaxed approach to their masculinity, and this extends to their beards. Men today take great pride in their beards and mustaches, crafting unique looks that range from hipster to dandy, intellectual to bad boy – symbols of their freedom of expression and style. However, beneath these carefully maintained beards and mustaches, they sometimes grapple with issues like dry skin, redness, and itching, concerns they tend to overlook.

The Solution: King C. Gillette

King C. Gillette caters to the specific needs of men at every step of their quest for style and confidence. The complete range of grooming products and precision tools offers a professional outcome, delivering a sharp look and a well-groomed beard, as if you just stepped out of a barbershop.

This  year, King C. Gillette is revamping its visual identity and communication with the “Style like a King” campaign. In every man resides a shaving expert like King C. Gillette (the founder of Gillette), waiting to express himself with style and simplicity. As one of the leading beard care brands in France, the brand transforms to become even trendier, allowing all men to style their beards “like a King.”

Introducing the King C. Gillette 2023 Innovation

The new professional beard trimmer offers ultimate precision for all beard styles. A typical beard consists of thousands of hairs emerging from hair follicles, resulting in a certain thickness. The direction of hair growth can quickly become unruly, making precise trimming a challenge. The ideal trimmer requires four essential elements: to lift, guide, maintain, and cut the hair, regardless of its density or direction.

This is why King C. Gillette is launching its new professional beard trimmer, addressing these challenges and enabling every man to maintain and shape his beard with precision. The new trimmer features an all-metal head with self-sharpening blades. It also employs automatic detection technology, adjusting the power to ensure a consistently sharp cutting performance, allowing men to achieve an impeccable and unique style to match their desires.

Signature Fragrance by King C. Gillette

A captivating and refreshing fragrance to accompany a well-groomed beard throughout the day: the signature fragrance by King C. Gillette, present in all the products in their range, was created in collaboration with the Grasse School to blend heritage and modernity. It has been meticulously crafted by master perfumers to offer a memorable olfactory experience, developing a fragrance that is simultaneously masculine and fresh. It’s an enchanting scent comprised of a blend of plant-based ingredients, including bergamot, geranium, mandarin, and peppermint.

The mandarin top note provides a juicy and sweet scent, while cardamom leaves a refreshing sensation on the skin and beard. The heart note is composed of geranium and jasmine flowers. As for the base note, sandalwood offers soft, woody, and creamy notes alongside cedarwood, which adds a fresh touch.

Essential Steps for Beard Maintenance with King C. Gillette

  1. Beard and Face Cleanser – 350ml – Cleanses while leaving a fresh sensation on the skin.
  2. King C. Gillette Original Shaving Cream – 175ml – Helps protect the skin from shaving-related irritations.

King C. Gillette understands that the modern man’s beard is more than just a trend; it’s a symbol of identity and individuality. With their extensive range of grooming products and expert tools, every man can now achieve a perfect, well-groomed beard style that matches his personality. So, style your beard “like a King” with King C. Gillette, where elegance and modernity meet !