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Let’s feel good this spring, with Sephora

Sephora’s latest exclusives combine nature, effectiveness and originality for irreproachable skin quality and beauty without artifice: everything we need to magnify spring !

1. Sephora Collection Clean Skin Gel Cleanser with Prebiotics

Exclusive to Sephora, this unscented moisturizing gel cleanser with prebiotics and aloe vera removes makeup while cleansing and soothing the skin – for all skin types, thanks to its lightweight gel formulation. This gel cleanser is formulated with 98 percent natural-origin ingredients.

Part of Sephora’s Clean + Planet Positive range, the Clean Skin Gel Cleanser is formulated without certain ingredients that are potentially harmful to human health and environment.

2. Mario Badescu’s facial spray with aloe, adaptogens and coconut water

Perfect for spring days, this refreshing and hydrating facial spray with with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and coconut water creates a radiant dewy skin glow. A combination of adaptogens (adaptogenic plant and root extracts) help nourish the skin, fight aging, and improve its overall appearance. Hyaluronic acid and niacinamide provide added hydration, and help skin to maintain moisture levels with their humectant and occlusive properties. Aloe vera and coconut water help to soothe, hydrate and refresh the skin.

3. On The Wild Side’s day fluid

With a mission to  bring nature and wilderness into the world, On the wild side is an invitation to not only reconnect with nature in one’s own bathroom but above all, reconnect with oneself. The brand’s day fluid offers a light texture, enriched with hyaluronic acid of plant origin that moisturizes and plumps the skin. A formula both good for the skin and the planet, of 100% natural origin, with no synthetic ingredients and vegan

4. Patchology’s Hero Status Roll Model Brightening Roll-On Eye Serum

Powered by a dynamic fusion of illuminating ingredients to brighten sensitive skin under tired eyes, this roller is built to battle dark circles. Every day, vitamin C, antioxidant-rich kiwi and grapefruit extracts, together with pearlescent minerals combine to reduce the appearance of dark circles and make the under eye area radiate.