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Louis Vuitton Unveils Spectacular Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2023: A Fusion of Elegance and Nostalgia

London’s iconic Mayfair hotel, Claridge’s, has once again transformed its lobby into a winter wonderland with the unveiling of the annual Claridge’s Christmas Tree. In a brilliant collaboration with Louis Vuitton, this year’s tree is a majestic sculptural masterpiece that not only captures the essence of the holiday season but also pays homage to the rich history shared by these two illustrious names founded in 1854.

A Celebration of the Art of Travel

The Claridge’s Christmas Tree 2023 by Louis Vuitton stands at an impressive 5.2 meters, an extraordinary creation immersed within two towering Malles Vestiaire, or ‘Wardrobe Trunks.’ These emblematic trunks, adorned with vintage Claridge’s travel stickers, showcase the union of two entities that have long celebrated the Art of Travel. The oversized Louis Vuitton luggage tags add a touch of luxury to the festive display.

Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s Legacy

At the heart of this year’s tree is a nod to Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the grandson of the brand’s founder, and an avid collector and traveler. The tree is adorned with 15 vertically placed chrome repurposed trunks, reflecting the Art Deco architecture and creating the silhouette of a traditional Christmas tree. Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s penchant for collecting hotel stickers is evident, a charming detail that adds a personal touch to the festive installation.

A Glimpse of Asnières

The peak of the tree is crowned by Asnières, the historic Louis Vuitton family home and atelier. This nod to the Maison’s roots in Paris adds a touch of nostalgia and showcases the importance of the iconic location in the brand’s history. Amidst the silver trunks, 21 Louis Vuitton Vivienne mascots, including a whimsical Father Christmas, bring the display to life in Claridge’s distinguished black and white marbled lobby.

A Fusion of Maison’s Heritage and Claridge’s Legacy

The Louis Vuitton trunk enveloping the Claridge’s Christmas Tree mirrors the Maison’s iconic wardrobe trunk, a testament to the brand’s dedication to transporting personal and precious effects. Stepping back in time, the collaboration recalls the 1850s when Monsieur Louis Vuitton served as the personal layetier to Empress Eugénie, who made Claridge’s her winter residence. This historical connection underscores the enduring relationship between Louis Vuitton and Claridge’s, with the Maison’s first London store opening in 1885, just around the corner from the hotel.

A Timeless Tradition

General Manager Paul Jackson expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Christmas is the most magical time for us here at the hotel, and we look forward to welcoming guests and seeing visitors immerse themselves in Louis Vuitton’s world.” The Claridge’s Christmas Tree has become a seasonal London landmark, marking the commencement of the festive season in the capital. In its thirteenth year, this tradition of inviting distinguished friends to reinterpret the tree in their unique style continues to captivate and enchant visitors, blending elegance, nostalgia, and the spirit of the holiday season.