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Natural works of art by De Beers

With Natural Works of Art, De Beers pays homage to the extraordinary magic of nature. Deeply rooted in Earth’s history and older than some of the stars that light up our nights, these diamonds bear witness to a journey through time which has given them a symbolic significance unmatched. The collection offers a wide selection of exceptional diamonds, including the 1888 Master Diamonds along with a new selection of extremely rare Fancy diamonds, called Heritage Master Diamonds.

The De Beers selection includes a delightful palette of the rarest intense and vibrant hues, including stunning pinks and blues with exceptional undertones.
With its unwavering commitment to creativity, Maison De Beers has created unique pieces of jewelry celebrating the unique beauty and personality of these diamonds.

Heritage Master Diamonds – 1.42 carat Oval-shaped Fancy Vivid Green diamond

The Natural Works of Art collection is part of De Beers’ Building Forever initiative. A true pioneer in the diamond sector, the House guarantees the greatest serenity to its customers by defining strict standards in terms of provenance and traceability. De Beers is also committed to ensuring that all of its diamonds have a positive and lasting impact on the people and places in which they are found.

1888 Master Diamonds 2020