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New: ClarinsMen Super Moisture Care

Hydration, not easy to retain

A subject that I know well about: a demanding work life, sports activities, going out with friends, a busy private life, difficult mornings… Men’s skin is sorely tested and can become dehydrated easily due to lifestyle habits, shaving, and other daily external aggressions. Also, testosterone can weaken the skin’s barrier function which in turn leads to moisture loss and dehydration. This is the new challenge that  ClarinsMen Super Moisture Care takes on: intensely moisturize men’s skin, even in extreme conditions.

There are different reasons to men’s loss of hydration: wind, cold, rapid changes in temperature, humidity, stress, UV rays… And also testosterone. These factors cause skin’s primary and second barriers to be altered, resulting in a loss of the ability for the skin to retain moisture.

Super ClarinsMen Innovation :[HYDRA RESIST PHYTO COMPLEX]

Clarins’ new unique complex combines two plant extracts  selected for their super hydrating ability. Organic houseleek lends its super hydro-resistant power to help offset the negative effects of testosterone:  it helps retain moisture even in extreme conditions by reinforcing the skin’s surface barrier at these tight junctions. Organic leaf of life extract encourages the natural hydration of the skin, to help promote the production of ‘sponge molecules’ in every skin layer. The result? Skin feels supple and comfortable.

3 super textures that are invisible on the skin

ClarinsMen Super Moisture Care comes in 3 different textures: the Super Moisture Balm, which provides ultimate comfort and is invisible on the skin, without any oily feel. The Super Moisture Gel is ultra-refreshing and won’t feel sticky; while the Super Moisture Lotion SPF 20 is fresh and lightweight while offering effective UV protection.