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Paire & Fils: affordable French luxury shoes for men

Paire & Fils is the most pleasant fashion discovery I have made recently. Think about it: you are strolling around Paris’ Ile de La Cité on a Sunday, going for the classical brunch, and you stumble upon the loveliest blue shop window. As you get closer, you realize the shop is open, and that it’ a men’s shoe store: even better ! And a story starts…

After coming across Paire & Fils in the most unexpected way, I decided to go back and give it a try. “L’Homme Pressé”, “L’Homme Enervé”, “l’Homme Difficile”… Different collections are available, all revolving around a single starting point: men’s boots.

© Cedric Damour

The brand started as a private affair: two high school friends, Pierre and Guillaume, creating affordable but luxurious shoes for their friends and family… Like the start of a success story !

The Paire & Fils boots are made in Portugal, available on www.pairetfils.com and at the Paris boutique:

© Cedric Damour

26 place Dauphine,

1st arrondissement of Paris