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Ruinart: sustainable champagne for the festivities

As the end of the year celebrations and festivities are fast approaching, let’s focus on Maison Ruinart, which is committed to more responsible and authentic gifts, while acting in favor of more sustainable luxury, with a more conscious art of giving. This is materialized by the second skin case, which breaks with the tradition of unitary boxes.

The second skin case preserves the Ruinart’s taste integrity until serving. Innovative, authentic and environmentally conscious, the packaging crystallizes the commitment to sustainability of Maison Ruinart – and is a great alternative to the gift box.

Two years of research and development were needed to get back to the essential: a 100% paper and entirely recyclable case, moulded to the shape of the bottle. This case is 9 times lighter than its predecessor and produced without incurring any airfreight, resulting in a 60% reduction in its carbon impact according to the BEE (Bilan Environnemental des Emballages) and ADEME (Agence de l’environnement et de la maîtrise de l’énergie) methodology.

Where a big gift box made sense in the past, an entirely recyclable cloak composed of 100% natural wood fibers is a more suitable fit today. The sustainable innovation of the second skin case extolls a return to nature and to the natural: it aims to reduce waste and recycle materials without denaturing experience or taste.