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Summer 2017: tan AND regenerate with FILORGA

Since its beginnings, FILORGA has been helping us in our fight against skin ageing, so it was a natural decision for them to create a sun care line, something we had all been waiting for as FILORGA addicts. Because whether we consider it as a friend or an enemy, the sun doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

The sun, a frenemy !

It is a mood and sleep booster. Light regulates our internal body clock. It penetrates through our eyes, passes through the optic nerve, and arrives at the brain. There, it has an impact on the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone; serotonin, the good mood hormone; and dopamine, the pleasure hormone! It’s a great mood-booster! In 2005 the use of light therapy was even approved as a treatment for seasonal depression. The sun is also It is a bone fortifier thanks to UVB, a skin healer thanks to UVs,  and much more.

However, we all know that besides these positive effects, the sun also is our skin’s number 1 enemy, with more than 50% of skin ageing said to be due to environmental factors, particularly the sun’s rays.

FILORGA UV-Bronze: solving the sun paradox

More than just sun care, UV-BRONZE is a range of genuine anti-ageing products that use the full strength of the sun to transform each sunbathing experience into an elixir of youth!

UV-BRONZE skincare products offer high protection against the entire sun spectrum + visible anti-ageing action which is reinforced by a unique technology. Plus a luxurious texture and captivating fragrance…

The products in the UV-BRONZE range contain a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) greater or equal to 50. The Photo-Activated Technology is activated by the sun’s rays, which use heat to boost the sun protection in association with filters by activating the skin’s biological defence systems. The idea is to intensively stimulate the skin’s detoxifying enzymes to neutralise free radicals and the oxidative stress generated by UVA, UVB and Infrared.

What’s not to love about suncare !