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Timothée Chalamet: The New Face of BLEU DE CHANEL

Breaking Boundaries and Embracing Authenticity

I am not a heroine. But I have chosen what I want to be, and I am…,” declared Gabrielle Chanel, whose unapologetic boldness still resonates through the magnetic energy of BLEU DE CHANEL. The timeless philosophy of a woman who took pride in defying conventions continues to inspire this new chapter of BLEU DE CHANEL, as well as the man who wears it.

Timothée Chalamet, the celebrated actor known for his remarkable performances, steps into the role of BLEU DE CHANEL Ambassador in the highly anticipated campaign that reinvents the iconic fragrance in collaboration with CHANEL, a global cultural reference for its unique expertise in perfumery.

Captured through the lens of the renowned photographer Mario Sorrenti, Timothée Chalamet embodies the multifaceted essence of the BLEU DE CHANEL man, elevating what makes him truly unique. He is a man who operates on instinct, refusing to be confined by boundaries, always eager to embrace what the world has to offer. His gaze extends beyond the limits of the visible, a relentless quest for freedom and self-realization, embracing his inherent complexity.

BLEU DE CHANEL: Breaking the Codes of Masculine Fragrance

Since its inception, BLEU DE CHANEL has challenged traditional perceptions of masculine fragrances. Similar to N°5, which revolutionized the fragrance world in 1921, BLEU DE CHANEL has set a new standard with its innovative and uncompromising vision of what a modern man’s perfume can be.

Breaking with trends and the status quo, BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Toilette was introduced in 2010, followed by BLEU DE CHANEL Eau de Parfum in 2014, with warmer notes. The renowned CHANEL perfumer Jacques Polge, in crafting this unexpected aromatic-woody fragrance with sparkling citrus notes, expanded the olfactory horizons to create a modern and urban scent. The monolithic totem of BLEU DE CHANEL, commanding in its simplicity, has become instantly recognizable worldwide for its enigmatic shade, too blue to be black and too black to be blue. Just as the man it represents, it embraces all possibilities and proudly asserts its difference.

This fragrance encapsulates a duality between obvious freshness and an intimate and sudden form of sensuality and strength,” says Olivier Polge, who succeeded his father as the head of CHANEL perfumery in 2015. As the fourth nose in the history of the House, Olivier Polge’s mission is to further cultivate the urban world of BLEU DE CHANEL, as evident in the refined elegance of BLEU DE CHANEL Parfum introduced in 2018. “In the narrative of a perfume, we strive to express something more complex, transcending what individual raw materials convey,” he explains. It’s akin to a painter mixing different colors on their palette—a magical and mysterious process that transcends the creative journey.

The Olfactory Triptych: A Symbol of Modern Masculinity

This unique olfactory triptych has become a symbol of evolving masculinity that defies archetypes, continually redefining what a fragrance for the modern man can evoke while expanding its appeal to a broad audience. With subtle authority, the latest chapter of this legendary fragrance tells a story that reflects the spirit and core values of the BLEU DE CHANEL man, while also resonating with a bold new generation, equally determined to challenge the rules on their path to self-discovery.

BLEU DE CHANEL contains the perfect blend of certainty and intensity to represent a man who refuses to fit into boxes,” emphasizes Olivier Polge. For him, BLEU DE CHANEL allows every man to express a sincere and profound part of their personality. “In one way or another, you find yourself in this fragrance because it only speaks the truth about you,” he adds.

With Timothée Chalamet stepping into the spotlight as the ambassador for BLEU DE CHANEL, this fragrance continues to redefine modern masculinity, encouraging men to embrace their authenticity and to break free from stereotypes, truly making it a scent for the bold, unapologetic, and genuine man of today.