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Unlocking Luck and Luxury with Les Symboles de Chanel

Could believing in mysterious signs, holding onto cherished objects, or projecting desires onto superstitions be the key to shifting luck in your favor? Gabrielle Chanel certainly thought so. The audacious entrepreneur and innovator built her destiny on now-iconic symbols.

Lion, wheat, comet, camellia, numbers – Mademoiselle was as talented as she was superstitious. She surrounded herself with objects and symbols, each a talisman granting her the freedom to fulfill her dreams, the inspiration to design her collections, the spark of genius to create her most legendary signatures, and the strength to embrace her fate.

With the “LES SYMBOLES DE CHANEL” collection, Chanel’s Makeup Creation Studio revisits five iconic symbols as precious highlighters. The Lion, the Comet, the Camellia, the Pearls, and the Chains come alive in three subtle and sophisticated shades: Warm Gold, Precious Coral, Pearly White – shimmering reflections designed to illuminate and enhance the complexion. And destiny…