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Valmont treats men well at Hotel Belles Rives

Valmont’s anti-aging expertise, that I wrote about here, is now available for men at famed French Riviera’s Hotel Belles Rives exclusive setting.

A symbol of sensory luxury perfectible in the smallest detail and without ever giving in to the ostentatious, the Hotel Belles Rives constantly reinvents the codes of excellence – especially in this unprecedented period.
A true well-being sanctuary, the beauty corner, suspended between sky and sea, opens its exclusive cabin to men. A tailor-made ecstasy, a privileged interlude, a parenthesis outside the world to enjoy the virtues of this cocoon of sweetness and escape.

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The “Rituel Energie, Vitalité des Glaciers” addresses men with a comprehensive treatment that improves the cell renewal thanks to a
concentrated DNA and collagen mix, both best-sellers of the Swiss brand.
Highly hydrating, at the same time acting as an anti-fatigue and anti-aging treatment, it is specially adapted to the male skin, which is fed in
depth, minimizing wrinkles and fine lines and allowing a brighter complexion.